Trip Up North

Evening all…

Got back from a long weekend in Leeds today, went up to see an old coursemate. Never been there before but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, lots to do! Took my camera with me but we spent Saturday and Sunday in a couple of small towns called Skipton, which happened to have a street carnival on when we got there, and Saltaire, which is where my friend actually lives. Was nice to see a bit of rural Yorkshire, especially as the weather was so nice, and then go back to the town centre in the evenings; this meant I didn’t get many of the city… had such a good time I’ll probably head up again soon though, if only to get a snap of the Louis Vuitton boutique 😉

View from my hotel room – 16th floor:
View from the hotel

View from the hotel 2

Northern cuisine at its finest:
Breakfast Bagel

The Corn Exchange – used to be full of shops apparently, which have now all closed apart from a restaurant at the bottom. Amazing building though:
Corn Exchange

Few snaps from the Skipton Carnival:
Skipton Carnival 1

Skipton Carnival 2

Skipton Carnival 3

Nice old church:
Skipton Carnival 4

Sunday afternoon cricket in Saltaire:
Saltaire Cricket

Saltaire Cricket 2

All in all a very relaxing trip! Unfortunately the same can’t quite be said for my liver, which in many ways will never be quite the same again. Hard life isn’t it?



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