Silhouettes & Crazies

Heres a couple of silhouette pieces i’ve been working on recently.  I’ve been experimenting with this monotone linework to reflect the juxtaposition between light and dark, nurture and nature, life and death. Or maybe just to draw attention to itself emo! now get to it, that noose isn’t going to knot itself.

Top quality satire brought to you by the Fold.

Anyway, i used Ticky pens for the first two images, 0.1mm for the outline, filled with a 0.7mm. The character drafts were sketched with standard graphites (Derwent for the intrigued among you) and as you can see;  need a bit of Adobe magic. It’s work in progress people, all we ask is a bit of patience and praise.


One Response to “Silhouettes & Crazies”

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