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Southampton Mayor Shoot – Brian Parnell

June 30, 2009

This shoot is to form part of a project I am working on called Capturing Southampton. It is a collaborative project between Solent University and Southampton City Council, and involves photographers, website designers, journalists and artists. I photographed Mr Parnell as he was being interviewed by another volunteer, at his Parlour in the Council Building.

His Parlour was as lavish as you would expect, with dark wooden panelling, velvet apholstery and lots of weird and wonderful gifts from visiting dignitaries dotted around his desk and drawers. Due to the darkness in his study, we took a number of shots in his wifes’ parlour, which had a much breezier and elegant feel.

Mr Parnell was quite comfortable in front of the camera, although he seemed a little weary. Perhaps it was the hot weather, or that he was about to give up his Mayoral tenure the week after this shoot took place, and was feeling reflective.

I believe these pictures capture that mood well.

Many thanks to Mr Parnell for letting me photograph.

Rinse’s 15th Birthday Bash @ Matter

June 24, 2009


Skream v Benga
Ms Dynamite
Magnetic Man
Boy Better know feat. Skepta, JME, Frisco & Maximum (Live)
Crazy Cousinz
Marcus Nasty
N-Type v Youngsta
Newham Generals- Live
Katy B -Live
Spiro v Silencer v Vectra

£15 advance

Never been to the O2 before, gonna be big. Plus it’s my birthday on the Monday!


Steven Arens and the Amazing World of HDR

June 21, 2009

During one of my many sessions of image sourcing at work, I happened to stumble across the work of Steven Arens, a photographer who has done some very interesting things with HDR and photo-manipulation. For the unenlightened, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a discipline of photography that combines several pictures that are identical in content but have different Exposure Value settings.

This has a dramatic effect on the luminance of each element in the photo, be it shadow, midtone or highlight, and creates a stunning overall result that almost alludes to CGI. HDR is particularly effective when photographing machines, as it really adds to the ‘hot metal’ factor as you can see in the following images, which to my mind wouldn’t look out of place in Sin City. Frank Miller would be proud!

All images are © Steven Arens 2009.

Steven Arens 1

Steven Arens 2

Steven Arens 3

Steven Arens 4

I would highly recommend visiting Steven’s Flickr page, absolutely stunning work. Keep ’em peeled (hopefully) for some HDR work of our own in the near future! Alternatively, for any photographers who want to give this technique a shot, click here for a detailed tutorial on how it’s done.


Kanes Hill – Travellers Site

June 20, 2009

Here are a selection of pictures from a visit I made to Kanes Hill, a travellers site situated on the outskirts of Southampton. The site is hidden from view, obscured by thick thorny bushes, a car garage and separated from the wider community by a busy intersection.

Despite their exclusion from wider society, the travellers were most welcoming, if a little wary at first. The children were very rambunctious, and at first, were a bit of a handful. However, as these shots show, they quickly became comfortable in front of the lens.


Trip Up North

June 15, 2009

Evening all…

Got back from a long weekend in Leeds today, went up to see an old coursemate. Never been there before but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, lots to do! Took my camera with me but we spent Saturday and Sunday in a couple of small towns called Skipton, which happened to have a street carnival on when we got there, and Saltaire, which is where my friend actually lives. Was nice to see a bit of rural Yorkshire, especially as the weather was so nice, and then go back to the town centre in the evenings; this meant I didn’t get many of the city… had such a good time I’ll probably head up again soon though, if only to get a snap of the Louis Vuitton boutique 😉

View from my hotel room – 16th floor:
View from the hotel

View from the hotel 2

Northern cuisine at its finest:
Breakfast Bagel

The Corn Exchange – used to be full of shops apparently, which have now all closed apart from a restaurant at the bottom. Amazing building though:
Corn Exchange

Few snaps from the Skipton Carnival:
Skipton Carnival 1

Skipton Carnival 2

Skipton Carnival 3

Nice old church:
Skipton Carnival 4

Sunday afternoon cricket in Saltaire:
Saltaire Cricket

Saltaire Cricket 2

All in all a very relaxing trip! Unfortunately the same can’t quite be said for my liver, which in many ways will never be quite the same again. Hard life isn’t it?


Silhouettes & Crazies

June 13, 2009

Heres a couple of silhouette pieces i’ve been working on recently.  I’ve been experimenting with this monotone linework to reflect the juxtaposition between light and dark, nurture and nature, life and death. Or maybe just to draw attention to itself emo! now get to it, that noose isn’t going to knot itself.

Top quality satire brought to you by the Fold.

Anyway, i used Ticky pens for the first two images, 0.1mm for the outline, filled with a 0.7mm. The character drafts were sketched with standard graphites (Derwent for the intrigued among you) and as you can see;  need a bit of Adobe magic. It’s work in progress people, all we ask is a bit of patience and praise.


MSM Studio 06/06/09

June 12, 2009

Big up MSM & Blay-Z!

Carbon Black…

June 6, 2009

Evening all,

Just wanted to make a new post to show off the new header, very slick even if we do say so ourselves.

For any grime fans reading, Kris interviewed MSM today, keep locked on for the excloose.

More changes to come so pay attention!



June 3, 2009


Welcome to the Fold. This blog will soon be redesigned, and look as fresh as the website. Here you will find status updates, examples of our latest work and any other random internet stuff we find to be of note.

Keep checking back here, we look forward to reading your comments soon.

All the best,

Kristian, James & ‘Dre

Threefold Media.